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How Does GunDetectTM Work?

GunDetectTM uses rapidly emerging technology called "Deep Learning". The same technology is being developed for driverless cars. The basic algorithm has been around for years and is sometimes described as neural-net processing, but the latest software operates much differently than the neural network of a human brain. These algorithms have a staggering amount of computational complexity, and only recently has the high-speed hardware needed to implement Deep Learning become affordable.


How Gun Train

Deep Learning software is "trained" by software analysis of many thousands of images that are labeled as to whether or not they contain the object that is being recognized. Once trained, the software can interpret new images to decide whether they contain the object of interest, but getting high accuracy requires some complicated image manipulation along with other vision-processing algorithms to help the deep-learning software minimize false results. Our GunDetect software incorporates techniques from recent university research, in addition to some software magic we’ve developed in-house to create the world’s first gun detector for consumers.



How Secure

Self-contained & Secure

GunDetect'sTM software is running today on a cloud-based server, and you can try it out here on Paste in the URL for an image of a gun from the Internet or upload a picture of someone with your own gun. We’ll offer lower-priced versions of the GunDetect hardware that require this cloud-based software to detect a gun, but our top-of-the-line device integrates a vision processor with the imaging system and the GunDetect software. This integration does all the required computation locally and then wirelessly transmits just the results - the presence or absence of a gun - over your WiFi connection to the internet. This means you do not have to be concerned about video leaving your home or business!


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