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Scott Gardner . CEO

Scott is CEO of the technology company developing GunDetectTM, which he has championed as a perfect application for the company’s computer-vision hardware and software. Not only is gun detection a great technical challenge, but Scott and his talented team believe in the mission to build a product that helps solve one of society’s intractable problems. Over Scott’s 25-year career he has led software and hardware teams working on everything from real space-based laser weapons to computer games. An electrical engineer with an MBA, Scott is an experienced executive in the semiconductor industry and brings a passion for computer vision. He helped launch the Embedded Vision Alliance and continues to focus on developing low-cost, low-power smart cameras that can operate for a year on batteries. Once that dream becomes reality, Scott believes that GunDetect technology can be used everywhere.


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Parviz Palangpour, Ph.D . CTO

Parviz pairs "Deep Learning" software developed in the laboratory with affordable compact hardware that runs on a low power budget. His Ph.D. E. E. degree perfectly prepared him for his role in making the GunDetectTM systems, allowing him to demonstrate how products and services can be used now and in the future to extract additional information from images.



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Ronald Foster Co-Founder . COO

Ron spearheads R&D and keeps everything running smoothly.  His M.S. in Physics from University of Arkansas and twenty-years with Texas Instruments and Honeywell led him back to U of A to lead an innovation incubator focused on turning research projects into commercial products.  He is helping the NanoWatt team turn cutting-edge imaging software into the GunDetectTM.



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Rajeev Kumar . VP Marketing

Rajeev brings over 20 years of industry experience with companies like Intel, Marvell and Freescale, in developing world-class products for the Internet of Things. His experience leading international business development and product management teams as well as engaging with numerous partners around the world has prepared Rajeev to ensure that GunDetectTM remains a market-leading product.